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    Louis Skye

    A writer at heart with a fondness for well-told stories, Louis Skye is always looking for a way to escape the planet, whether through comic books, films, television, books or video games. She always has an eye out for the subversive and champions diversity in media.

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  • Agent 1.22 #2: Beautiful but Flawed

    Agent 1.22 #2: Beautiful but Flawed1

    Agent 1.22 #2 Tom Dheere, Angelo Panetta, David Martin (Creators), Stephan Nilson (Writer), Doug Shuler (Artist), Charles Pritchett (Letters), Liz Bradley (Design) September 28, 2017 Agent 1.22 began life as a web series and has since spun-off into a four-part comic series. The second issue was released in September of 2017. The series follows the titular

  • Sisters of Sorrow: A Rushed Yet Poignant Mini Series

    Sisters of Sorrow: A Rushed Yet Poignant Mini Series0

    Kurt Sutter’s Sisters of Sorrow Kurt Sutter, Courtney Alameda (Writers), Hyeonjin Kim (Artist), Jean-Paul Csuka (Colours), Jim Campbell (Letters) July 1, 2017 Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter’s comic book miniseries, Sisters of Sorrow, has come to a close with a quiet, yet powerful message. Co-written with horror/science-fiction author Courtney Alameda, the first issue of