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    Kate Tanski

    Recovering academic. Fangirl. Geek knitter.

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  • Mighty Marvel Monday0

    • January 26, 2015

    Hello and welcome to your regularly scheduled Mighty Marvel Monday! I’ll be filling in for our beloved Ivy Noelle for the next couple weeks, so if you love Marvel, and love Mondays, let’s talk.   On the heels of the casting news for X-Men Apocalypse with Sophie Turner being cast as Jean Grey , let’s

  • Spoilers: Why You Should Care About Cassie Lang in Ant-Man

    Spoilers: Why You Should Care About Cassie Lang in Ant-Man0

    The Ant-Man teaser trailer premiered at the end of the Agent Carter premiere nearly two weeks ago, and now has over 8 million views on YouTube. Among the mockery and the skepticism and ongoing criticism of the absence of Janet Van Dyne, there was a shining beacon of light and hope. Scott Lang’s daughter. Although

  • 7-Minute Superhero Workout: A Review

    7-Minute Superhero Workout: A Review1

    • December 31, 2014

    Lifestyle writers and WWAC Warriors Meredith and Kate set out to compare and contrast their experiences with the 7-minute Superhero Workout, available on both iOS and Android for $2.99. The app is by Six to Start, the company that made Zombies, Run!. Six to Start’s apps specialize in combining fitness with a compelling storyline. Playing the apps feels a

  • Geeky Crafts: Carol Danvers’ Lucky Hat

    Geeky Crafts: Carol Danvers’ Lucky Hat2

    In honor of the Captain Marvel movie being announced, I decided I would knit a Carol Danvers’ Lucky Hat for my Facebook friends who wanted one in celebration. (The amazing Kelly Sue DeConnick commissioned a pattern for fans, and I needed an excuse to try it out.) I got six requests and guestimated how much