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    Kate Tanski

    Recovering academic. Fangirl. Geek knitter.

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  • 7-Minute Superhero Workout: A Review

    7-Minute Superhero Workout: A Review1

    • December 31, 2014

    Lifestyle writers and WWAC Warriors Meredith and Kate set out to compare and contrast their experiences with the 7-minute Superhero Workout, available on both iOS and Android for $2.99. The app is by Six to Start, the company that made Zombies, Run!. Six to Start’s apps specialize in combining fitness with a compelling storyline. Playing the apps feels a

  • Geeky Crafts: Carol Danvers’ Lucky Hat

    Geeky Crafts: Carol Danvers’ Lucky Hat2

    In honor of the Captain Marvel movie being announced, I decided I would knit a Carol Danvers’ Lucky Hat for my Facebook friends who wanted one in celebration. (The amazing Kelly Sue DeConnick commissioned a pattern for fans, and I needed an excuse to try it out.) I got six requests and guestimated how much