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    Kat Overland

    Small press editor Kat Overland is a displaced Texan now living in Washington, DC, where she is perpetually behind on reading her pull list. She's a millennial, Latina, exhausted, and can often be spotted casually cosplaying America Chavez and complaining.

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  • Short & Sweet: Small Press Expo Edition!

    Short & Sweet: Small Press Expo Edition!0

    On September 19 and 20, the 21st annual Small Press Expo was held in Bethesda, Maryland. WWAC writers Kat Overland, Rebecca Henely, and Kayleigh Hearn attended and wrote about notable new comics from the convention. Read on!

  • Top Five Taylor Swift Covers Not By Ryan Adams

    Top Five Taylor Swift Covers Not By Ryan Adams1

    • September 26, 2015

    I LOVE COVERS, which is why I was disappointed to have been underwhelmed by Ryan Adams’ cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989. It was fine, I guess, and good for him for working out his feelings through art, or whatever. But it didn’t do a lot for me. There’s just something eminently coverable about her music, though, so much

  • Review: March: Book Two – A Bigger, Longer Walk

    Review: March: Book Two – A Bigger, Longer Walk1

    March: Book Two John Lewis, Andrew Aydin (writers), Nate Powell (artist) Top Shelf Productions January 15, 2015 Disclaimer: This book was reviewed using a free digital review copy provided by Top Shelf Productions. If you have recently heard Congressman John Lewis speak, than his voice will probably play in your head while reading this: confident, with the

  • PEOW! Studio’s Bio-Whale Flies High

    PEOW! Studio’s Bio-Whale Flies High0

    Bio-Whale Ville Kallio PEOW! Studio August 2015 Disclaimer: Bio-Whale was reviewed using a digital review copy provided by PEOW! Studio. The first thing Bio-Whale hits you with is color. Vibrant pinks and blues are splashed over the pages, a spectrum of carnival cotton candy. It’s the sort of book that seems like it would feel