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    Jessica Pryde

    Copyeditor Jess is a book hoarder and equal opportunity geek. She loves to get lost in stories of all kinds. See what she's lost in: @jessisreading

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  • Drink Your Comics: Ant-Man Style

    Drink Your Comics: Ant-Man Style1

    • July 19, 2015

    Bring all the ants to your picnic blanket with the sweet crispness of the Pym Particle–and don’t worry, if everyone around you seems so much taller, it’s because you’re lying on the floor and can’t figure out how to be tall again.

  • Marvel Wants Girls…to Do Math and Science

    Marvel Wants Girls…to Do Math and Science0

    • June 4, 2015

    Marvel Studios and Raspberry Pi announced May 21 that they have teamed up (along with Dolby Laboratories and Visa) for a STEM challenge for teenage girls. The Ant Man Micro-Tech Challenge is a DIY competition for high-school aged girls, looking for projects that involve a component of micro-technology for any purpose: education, functionality, or all out