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  • A Whistle Stop History of Fanfiction: Part Two

    A Whistle Stop History of Fanfiction: Part Two0

    Last time on Holly’s Whistle Stop History of Fanfiction, I discussed the idea that a lot of what is often considered classic literature in fact sprung from fanfiction, stories about existing characters, or people, with a few tweaks and name changes. Which is all very well, but I’m sure some of you are there saying

  • A Whistle-Stop History of Fanfiction

    A Whistle-Stop History of Fanfiction0

    Welcome to a Whistle-stop History of Fanfiction. Love it or loath it, many of us nerds know about fanfiction. It’s a huge part of modern fandom that ranges all the way from 200 word flash fiction to epic multi-chapter novels, but when did fanfiction start being part of the way we view fandom, and what