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    Gretchen Smail

    Gretchen lives and works in SF as a freelancer. If not at work, is probably off eating ramen, petting dogs, or attempting yoga. Tweets too much at @ubeempress.

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  • #RyanPotterforTimDrake: Do Diversity Campaigns Work?

    #RyanPotterforTimDrake: Do Diversity Campaigns Work?1

    • September 14, 2016

    Fancasting–the act of fans creating photosets of their dreamcast for mainstream media properties–has always been an integral part of fandom. For queer fans and fans of color, it’s often a way to imagine a world where their favorite films have a cast that’s not so overwhelmingly white, straight, and male. There are fancasts of Idris

  • A Look at San Francisco Comic Con and SF Zine Fest

    A Look at San Francisco Comic Con and SF Zine Fest0

    This past weekend I attended both San Francisco Comic Con and the San Francisco Zine Festival, two events that both overlapped and diverged in terms of content, scope, and inclusiveness.

  • Harry Potter and the Case of the Disappearing Asians

    Harry Potter and the Case of the Disappearing Asians2

    Like most millennials, I grew up loving the Harry Potter series. I went to the midnight film premieres, collected Gryffindor gear, and reread the books several times over. But sometimes the things we love let us down. For a while now I’ve been bothered by how the original series treated its Asian characters, the Patil

  • On Ghostbusters, Gender, and Hate

    On Ghostbusters, Gender, and Hate1

    • July 14, 2016

    The Ghostbusters reboot has been at the center of much controversy and mud-flinging ever since the all-woman cast was announced back in January 2015. When the film premiered in the UK on Monday to pretty decent reviews— a certified fresh 75 percent on Rotten Tomatoes—a Ghostbusters Reddit thread appeared, claiming they needed to undermine the film’s