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    Gretchen Smail

    Gretchen lives and works in SF as a freelancer. If not at work, is probably off eating ramen, petting dogs, or attempting yoga. Tweets too much at @ubeempress.

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  • Fox’s Gotham Isn’t Great With Women But I Like It Anyway

    Fox’s Gotham Isn’t Great With Women But I Like It Anyway2

    • September 21, 2016

    I’m used to getting raised eyebrows when I tell people that I enjoy Fox’s Gotham. As someone who often rails about the portrayal of women, why do I tune into a show that, on one hand, gives us complex women like Selina Kyle and Fish Mooney, but on the other hand, routinely batters and/or kills

  • #RyanPotterforTimDrake: Do Diversity Campaigns Work?

    #RyanPotterforTimDrake: Do Diversity Campaigns Work?1

    • September 14, 2016

    Fancasting–the act of fans creating photosets of their dreamcast for mainstream media properties–has always been an integral part of fandom. For queer fans and fans of color, it’s often a way to imagine a world where their favorite films have a cast that’s not so overwhelmingly white, straight, and male. There are fancasts of Idris