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    Claire Napier

    Critic, ex-Editor in Chief at WWAC, independent comics editor; the rock that drops on your head. Find me at clairenapierclairenapier@gmail.com and give me lots of money

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  • Interview with Jo Bevan of Bring Back Bunty2

    Before women write about comics, girls read them Nostalgia, motherhood, and the quality of children’s sequential entertainment Claire Napier This interviewee may need a longer introduction than most simply based on geography. British children’s comics aren’t going to mean much to a lot of you – despite how many members of whichever wave of British

  • Interview with Laura Sneddon0

    Girls, Comics, and ComicBookGrrrls With one foot in blogland and one in professional byline journalism Laura Sneddon is blazing her way to where to action is. Claire Napier If, like me, you’ve followed her interviews with Stan Lee, Alan Moore and Grant Morrison in the Independent’s Arts & Entertainment section you might be impressed by

  • Jughead IS Joe Strummer: Interview with Laura Jane Faulds1

    A “Veronica” says Archie comics are more punk than you think (well, just Jughead really). Laura Jane Faulds is a writer, with a perfect name, who is from Canada. When I first read her words she was on No Good For Me, and if you like to read, read the NGFM archive. These days she

  • Make Mine Manga: Interview with Melinda Beasi4

    Melinda Beasi talks girls comics, blogging, and international manga fandom.  Melinda Beasi is founding editor of Manga Bookshelf, a manga review site home to a wealth of reviewers with their own tastes and subjects… including our own founding editor here at WWAC. Since interviewing your own boss is a bit of a funny one I