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    Claire Napier

    Critic, ex-Editor in Chief at WWAC, independent comics editor; the rock that drops on your head. Find me at clairenapierclairenapier@gmail.com and give me lots of money

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  • Interview with Philippa Rice0

    Mixed media comics, cuteness, and cartoons: Claire talks to Philippa Rice about her webcomics My Cardboard Life and Soppy, and the process of self-publishing. Claire Napier Philippa Rice is a mixed media cartoonist and animator. Her webcomic My Cardboard Life can be found at MyCardboardLife.com or on Tumblr, where you’ve also probably seen her comic-turned-book

  • Summer Movie Roundtable0

    • September 29, 2012

    Superheroes, Secret Agents and the Summer of the Geek at the Movies This was supposed to be the summer of the comic book blockbuster, and certainly Avengers, Dark Knight Rises and Amazing Spider-Man performed as expected. But those were just the tentpole flicks. I put together a list of geek-relevant films that came out this