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  • Sfé Monster talks about his genderqueer webcomics

    Sfé Monster talks about his genderqueer webcomics0

    Sfé R. Monster is a cartoonist focused on the internet. With the help of social media, he has gathered around him an audience very concerned with queer and genderqueer issues. His readers want to see another side of the stories available in mainstream media. His previous works include Seven Stories From The Sea, a heartbreaking

  • Webcomics Capsules: Superheroes and Feminists

    Webcomics Capsules: Superheroes and Feminists0

    Webcomics Capsules is all about short webcomics reviews—more like recommendations, actually. See what our writers are enjoying around the web, choose your favorites and get to reading! This edition has two of my favorite things: superheroes and feminism. Laugh with (at) Jean Grey and Scott Summers in Max Wittert’s parody, or the folks at The