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    Ardo Omer

    Freelance writer and editor. Co-host of a books and comics podcast (Put A Blurb On It). Former WWAC editor. Current curmudgeon and Batman's personal assistant. Icon art by Diana Sim.

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  • Diversity Doesn’t Mean Talking About John Green… Again0

    BookCon was yet again in the news this past Tuesday but not in the way you would be expecting. The Daily Dot, an online site focused on community news, has written a piece on the issue of diversity over at BookCon but rather than shinning the spotlight on the authors of colour who’ve been speaking out since

  • BookCon: Caucasians, Cats, No People of Colour

    BookCon: Caucasians, Cats, No People of Colour0

    Once again, the lack of diversity in BookCon’s line up has many furious on Twitter today. The guest list is up with 30 Caucasians, 1 cat and 0 persons of color which has many scratching their heads wondering how ReedPOP, the organization producing BookCon, could have messed up so severely in the representation department. As

  • One Small Step: Captain America and the Discourse of Fear and Security

    One Small Step: Captain America and the Discourse of Fear and Security0

    • April 2, 2014

    A few months back, the first full trailer of Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier was released and I was extremely excited. Just to offer some context, I’m a fourth year criminology major at York University. Criminology is essentially the study of crime and criminality: I’ve spent the last four years looking at the punishment