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    Ardo Omer

    Freelance writer and editor. Co-host of a books and comics podcast (Put A Blurb On It). Former WWAC editor. Current curmudgeon and Batman's personal assistant. Icon art by Diana Sim.

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  • Marvel’s Agent Carter Gets Series Order

    Marvel’s Agent Carter Gets Series Order0

    • May 9, 2014

    I’ve been a fan of Hayley Atwell since she graced the screen on Captain America: The First Avenger as Agent Peggy Carter. She won me over again when she appeared in her very own Marvel One-Shot which offered a great look at what a potential series for Carter would look like if she was ever brought to

  • BookCon Gives Itself a New, Inclusive Look With Diverse Line Up

    BookCon Gives Itself a New, Inclusive Look With Diverse Line Up1

    As we’ve reported in the past, BookCon experienced controversy the last few weeks due to its lack of diversity in its guest list, as well as with a kids lit panel that featured an all white male line up. Well, we have good news: BookCon has finally diversified! It only took a lot of angry tweets,

  • Top Ten Comic Book Geniuses

    Top Ten Comic Book Geniuses15

    There are plenty of characters in the world of DC and Marvel who have powers to punch through steel reinforced walls, read minds, and fly—but what about good old ingenuity? How about the geniuses that help save the world or make it their life’s mission to destroy it? What is genius and what role does it

  • Stop The Presses! Shailene Woodley is NOT a Feminist…

    Stop The Presses! Shailene Woodley is NOT a Feminist…8

    • May 6, 2014

    …And, unfortunately, she doesn’t know what that quite means — given her answer in a TIME interview published yesterday. The piece doesn’t start out all that well when it mentions other female celebs who’ve either branded themselves with the label or shunned it completely, as though it was the hottest trend right now: to be or not to