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    Amanda Vail

    Amanda is a staff writer for WWAC. She is also a developmental editor and copywriter in less-than-sunny Seattle. She likes to poke her nose into things, mainly manga, graphic novels, sci-fi & fantasy books, and art galleries. Then she writes about them. She also drinks a lot of coffee. Tweet her @amandamvail.

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  • Why I Cringed During the Agent Carter Finale

    Why I Cringed During the Agent Carter Finale4

    Let me start by saying that I’ve had a blast watching Agent Carter. There are many reasons why the show is fun and important and awesome and all those good things. Others (including the amazing Rachel Edidin) have already done a great job outlining the good stuff; there are some good critiques out there too,

  • Cinderella Insurgent: Cool Movies of March!

    Cinderella Insurgent: Cool Movies of March!0

    • March 6, 2015

    Insurgent Robert Schwentke Summit Entertainment March 20, 2015 I can’t pretend that I think the second installment in the Divergent series is going to be a quality movie, but, well, I’m looking forward to it anyway. Divergent had all kinds of problems (um, what was the message of that movie anyway?), but I sat there

  • Kon, Not A Con: Satoshi Kon’s Actual OPUS

    Kon, Not A Con: Satoshi Kon’s Actual OPUS2

    What is the relationship between creators and their work? Once released into the world, audiences consume the creation and make of it what they will, and the creator loses control. But what about the work itself? Surely, within the boundaries of the piece, the artist’s will holds sway. Right? Right. Or, not right.