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    Alenka Figa

    Alenka Figa is a queer librarian and intense cat mom. She spends her days reading zines and indie comics, and twittering about D&D podcasts at @alenkafiga.

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  • Zine Review: Sawdust Press’ Blood Root: Issue Three

    Zine Review: Sawdust Press’ Blood Root: Issue Three0

    Blood Root: Issue Three Canaries by Haan Lee, Jezinkas by Noel Franklin (Writer and Artist) and CB Webb (Letterer), Dead Rain by Ram V (Writer and Letterer), Kishore Mohan (Artist), and Merryn John (Letterer), Cover Art by Aatmaja Pandya and Interior Cover Art by Shing Yin Khor Sawdust Press Limits are good. Limits are also bad. These are contradictory truths with which

  • Snack on More Comics with Taptastic

    Snack on More Comics with Taptastic3

    I love webcomics. Some would say I’m obsessed, but I like to think of my love in a more positive light: I’m just voracious. However, I’ve also got an Android phone, so the comic apps I can access are somewhat limited. While I’ve been dreaming about the day when Comic Chameleon is finally available for