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    Alenka Figa

    Alenka Figa is a queer librarian and intense cat mom. She spends her days reading zines and indie comics, and twittering about D&D podcasts at @alenkafiga.

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  • Disability and Language in Adventure Time’s “Bonnie and Neddy”

    Disability and Language in Adventure Time’s “Bonnie and Neddy”0

    The seventh season of Adventure Time brought its audience back to a Candy Kingdom facing big changes. An exhausted and frustrated Princess Bubblegum handed her throne over to the selfish, air-headed King of Ooo, and left to build a new life in the middle of nowhere. In the midst of the first true regime shift

  • How to Pitch a Zine Review

    How to Pitch a Zine Review0

    I love reviewing zines. There is a huge volume of self published work sitting in independent bookstores and inventory piles in basements, waiting to be read and adored. I hope that by writing reviews and interviewing zine writers, artists, distributors and publishers I can demystify this world for new fans. However, while the number of outlets

  • Queersplay Cosplay Creates Safe Spaces at Cons

    Queersplay Cosplay Creates Safe Spaces at Cons0

    If you have never attended a convention, know that it is a very unique space. Jumping headfirst into con culture can be exhilarating. The creators behind your favorite media are a just a queue away, fabulous geeks wearing fabulous costumes are everywhere, and for a weekend you can put the outside world away and celebrate that rare

  • Zine Review: Not Trans Enough

    Zine Review: Not Trans Enough0

    Not Trans Enough: A Compilation Zine on the Erasure of Non Passing and Non Conforming Trans Identified People Editor: Eddie Jude Contributors: Megan Madden, Travis Alabanza, Tasha Tristan, Rhiannon Rober, Thryn Hare, Janae Shepherd, Amndissolved, Taylor Heywood, Maëlys Lecastor, Dani Ko Flux, Aya Mccabre, Dmitri-Coco Miller, Geoff, PAiNt, Rex Leonowicz, Rory, Clementine Morrigan, Girlie Wilson,