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    Alenka Figa

    Alenka Figa is a queer librarian and intense cat mom. She spends her days reading zines and indie comics, and twittering about D&D podcasts at @alenkafiga.

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  • Zine Review: The Gaysi Zine, Issue 04

    Zine Review: The Gaysi Zine, Issue 042

    The Gaysi Zine: Issue 04 Editor In Chief: Priya Gangwani Art Director: Sreejita Biswas Contributors: Karishma Dorai, Soumya Menon, Pratap Chalke, Nandini Moitra, Upasana Agarwal, Amruta Patil, Sajid Wajid Shaikh, Rachna Ravi, Ankita Ghosh, Kruttika Susarla, Karishma Dorai, Anushka Jhadav, Ojoswi, Sakshi Juneja,Amirkhan Pathan, Harshit Vishwakarma, Solo, Vivek Nag, Siddhi Surte, Vivek Tejuja, Prabha Mallya,

  • Zine Review: Sporgo No. 1

    Zine Review: Sporgo No. 10

    Sporgo No. 1 Lara Pallmall Laura Pallmall is a relatively new comic creator, with only a couple years of zine-making under her belt. Like many artists working in the punk scene, she started out by illustrating album covers, posters and t-shirts. “My drawings would go on flyers and band merch and then just kind of

  • Get your Optimistic Sci Fi Fix with The Immortal Nerd

    Get your Optimistic Sci Fi Fix with The Immortal Nerd1

    I first encountered H-P Lehkonen’s comics when their activism group, Femicomix Finland, visited Chicago and teamed up with local comics activists The LadyDrawers to discuss their work. Lehkonen radiates positivity; whether its with stories that look to the future or biographical works that look to the past, they always seem to celebrate the brighter, more

  • Zine Review and Interview: Atalanta and the Footrace by Salt

    Zine Review and Interview: Atalanta and the Footrace by Salt0

    Zines come in all different sizes. There are big, chunky anthology zines, slim fanzines, teeny minizines, and emotionally heavy perzines. The contrast between the size of a final publication and the incredible amount of effort put forth to create it really hit me when I received Kim Salt’s Atalanta and the Footrace. Specs from the etsy shop description highlight