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9 Witchy Films To Make Your Hallowe’en Magical

Hallowe’en is a time of year often associated with magic, spirituality, and witchcraft. In many religions and cultures, it’s a time to remember and celebrate the dead. For witches, it signals greater access to (and from!) the spiritual world. For some, the idea of spirits and fairy-folk entering the human world can seem pretty spooky,…

Lora and Alexa waltz in a ballroom magically created by Alexa, from Seance Tea Party by Reimena Yee via Random House Graphic

REVIEW: Séance Tea Party is a Beautiful Story about Growth, Change and Magic

Lora Xi’s twelfth birthday is a bit quieter than she hoped. Her friends are becoming more interested in things Lora doesn’t care about, like dating, fashion, and going to parties. Lora loves all things witchy and spooky, and still wants to play and be a kid. When her best friend Bobby is completely absent on…

The Last Emperox cover

2020 Dragon Award Winners: Thousands Vote Despite Right-Wing Backlash

Atlanta’s Dragon Con was one of many science fiction and fantasy conventions to become a purely online event for 2020, but — just like the Hugo Awards at Worldcon — its annual Dragon Awards went ahead as scheduled this Sunday. Decided via a free online poll, the Dragon Awards recognise science fiction and fantasy novels,…

An illustration showing two figures with their backs toward the camera, looking toward trees and the sun. Text reads, "Hazel."

Cottagecore, Witchery, and Zine-Making: An Interview With Lucy Kagan

If there’s a time when the world needs cute and cozy art that prioritizes care, kindness, and magical empathy more than 2020, I can’t think of it. Enter Hazel, a witch’s lifestyle zine curated, edited, published, and designed by artist Lucy Kagan. This year’s issue, which has a theme of “Spirit,” is the series’ last…