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  • NYCC: Escape the World

    NYCC: Escape the World0

    On the Friday of New York Comic Con (NYCC), as I descended into the depths of the Javits Center in search of Artist Alley, I had one thing on my mind: how could I balance having fun at this con with my justified worry about American politics? With that in mind, I toured Level 1,

  • Cover Girl: Smooth Criminals #1

    Cover Girl: Smooth Criminals #10

    Welcome to Cover Girl. Each month, we gather a team of WWAC contributors to analyze a new and notable comic book cover featuring one or more women. This month, Nola, Claire, and Annie discuss Leisha Riddel’s cover for Smooth Criminals #1 from BOOM! Studios.

  • Rosie’s GIANT SIZED Dynamite Pubwatch (March/April/May/June)

    Rosie’s GIANT SIZED Dynamite Pubwatch (March/April/May/June)0

    Hello, comic book adventurers! It’s me Rosie, back once again with your regular Dynamite comics roundup. We here at Women Write About Comics are dedicated to unpacking the complex parts of the industry and unwrapping the underwhelming gift that is comics so we can all enjoy/despair about it together! So here we are with another

  • BOOM! Bar: Half-Year Check-In

    BOOM! Bar: Half-Year Check-In0

    If you’ve ever been curious about what BOOM! and their imprints KaBOOM!, BOOM! Box and Archaia put out into the world, this overview should give you a snapshot of their range. Ah, BOOM! Bar readers, when last did we speak? January. Forgive me. In apology, I bring you February through June, all at once. We’ll

  • Shatterstar: That Character You Probably Didn’t Recognize From The Deadpool 2 Trailer

    Shatterstar: That Character You Probably Didn’t Recognize From The Deadpool 2 Trailer3

    Deadpool’s coming back in May and he’s bringing a lot of friends with him. Well… friends might be a bit of a loose term. The people he’s seemingly recruited for his X-Force team are a mishmashed, motley crew of mutants you’ve probably never heard of before. In fact, unless you were reading X-Force rather religiously

  • Misfit City Is My Favorite New Series from BOOM! Box

    Misfit City Is My Favorite New Series from BOOM! Box0

    Misfit City Kerstin “Kiwi” Smith (writer), Kurt Lustgarten (writer), Naomi Franquiz (artist), Brittany Peer (colorist), Jim Campbell (letterer) BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios Misfit City is my favorite new series from BOOM! Box. The story focuses on a small group of teen girls in a coastal Oregon town made famous by an ‘80’s


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