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Rico Renzi & Tradd Moore, DC's Justice League

Colorist on Color: Rico Renzi

This week’s installment of Colorists on Coloring we interview Rico Renzi. You’ll recognize his iconic work from Marvel’s Squirrel-Girl & Spider-Gwen. Rico has a very innovative mind and a sweet heart. You can support him by picking up his work from No Longer Mint, attending Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC or giving him a digital…

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Colorist on Color: Interview with Megan Wilson

Hello, and welcome to another interview! This time I had the pleasure to chat with Megan Wilson. You know her work from Hellcat, Then Emily Was Gone, and lots of covers with Nick Pitarra. She’s a real kick in the boot. You can follow her on Twitter @MeganEngiNerd or peep her great Instagram.

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Colorist on Coloring: What Is a Flatter?

Hey there, have you been wondering just what the heck a flatter does? Well I am going to give you another long serious professional dissection of what a flatter does and why it is important. To further prove that I am a very boring person obsessed with minutia. [You’re very interesting actually — Ed.] A…

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Colorist on Color: Interview with Jeremy Colwell

I am happy to share this interview with Jeremy Colwell as our first of many colourist conversations! Jeremy is a colorist for DC, IDW, Image and Dark Horse. In this interview we discuss a little about color, a little about his history and a lot about his love of his family. Since this was our…

Crayola Crayons - photo by Bookgrl

Fourth Year of Informal ColoristAppreciationDay

In January 2013, Eisner-winning comic book creator and primarily colorist Jordie Bellaire wrote a Tumblr post titled “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” decrying an unnamed convention–as well as the wider comic book industry–that refused to give colorists their due. “Colorists…are the unknown amazing backup singer who makes every…

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ComicCon@Home Day Four: Power Rangers & Colorism in Comics

We’re over and done with Day Four of ComicCon@Home. Is anyone else also loving the convenience and accessibility of the pre-recorded panels? For Saturday we checked out Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious, HBO’s Lovecraft Country, and Personal Stories in Graphic Novels. Louis, Kate, and Cori also enjoyed the panels listed below, which explored the state…

Scan of Power Man and Iron Fist #76 - 1981, Marvel Comics.

4 Colorism, or, White Paper/Brown Pixels

Welcome back to this two part series on comics, color printing technology, and dark skin! We’re still here, trying to figure out brown. Luckily, things get a little less ashy from here on out. In the last section, we thought about technological biases against brown skin, which have cropped up and persisted in film technology and—I’ve…