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Ricardo Delgado’s Dracula of Transylvania Promises a Horrifying Yet Fun Addition to Vampire Lore

Ricardo Delgado is well-known for his comic series, Age of Reptiles comics and cites the paintings of Charles R. Knight’s as childhood inspiration. For his latest work, the film and comic artist draws on his childhood adoration of classic monster movies from Hammer and Universal studios, Marvel’s Tomb of Dracula comics, Famous Monsters of Filmland…

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TIFF 2015: Megan and Ardo Go to the Movies

This year the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) celebrated its 40th anniversary! Megan and Ardo look at how the festival has aged while contemplating regrets, past loves, and this year’s worthwhile movie moments.  TIFF is middle-aged. Do you think it’s showing its age or better than ever? Ardo Omer: I haven’t been down at the festival as…

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WWAC Gets Iced, Part 1/?: Ardo’s Ice Bucket Challenge

So yesterday, I’m minding my own business, quietly panicking over the fact that there is ONE WEEK UNTIL DRAGONCON HELP, when this tweet notification pops up on my phone: I. Choose. YOU. @blueofthebay @illusClaire @thewherefores #icebucketchallenge #supportalsresearch @womenoncomics — Ware R. DeyDoe (@ArdoOmer) August 20, 2014 OH. SNAP. So I responded the only way…

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The Canadian Comics Open Library Is Shaping Our Shelves

Finding comic books at your local library can sometimes be an effort in frustration, or worse, futility. If they are available at all, they are often lumped under a single label, hidden away on a shelf in the corner. Part of the issue, explained librarian Rotem Diamant in a CBC interview, is that the current…

TCAF 2019. Photo by Louis Skye.

TCAF 2019 Diary: Calls to Action and Comics Communities

Ever since I moved to Toronto in 2018, I’ve heard about the Toronto Comics and Arts Festival (TCAF), which I had narrowly missed in 2018 because I arrived a month too late. So, it really isn’t surprising that the moment I got the chance, I made arrangements to attend the festival in 2019.

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BOOM! Bar: 2018 in Licences Vs Creator-Owned Comics

A short week to ease us back in! Yes, friends, foes, readers—it’s been a while. I took a Christmas break that became a year-start break. I feel much better. I’m ready. I’m prepared. Let’s begin. The last week of January sees BOOM! birth six releases: three single issues, two softcover collections, and one hardcover. Of…

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Small Press Bites: Faves of 2017 Edition

Another year has come to a close, and in-between experiencing an existential despair heretofore unknown to me, I read a bunch of great comics. And so did our bevy of wonderful writers! And some of those comics happened to come from small presses, indie creators, self-publishing, and the internet. We’ve written up a collection of…

Previously on Comics: TCAF 2017 Edition

Hello again and welcome to another Previously On Comics! This week is a special TCAF edition, due to WWAC’s zine and panel debut! Just found the @womenoncomics zine at #TCAF!!! I may be crying it's fine — Angel (@angelcwrites) May 13, 2017 Check out the rest of WWAC’s twitter coverage of TCAF, including our…