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WWACommendations: X-Men vs. Vampires, Emily Carroll, Harleen, Chronin

Happy October! What comics are you reading lately? October is my favorite month, not just because of Halloween, but fall activities like soccer, marching band, drinking apple cider, and hearing the crunch of fallen leaves on a walking path. Do you have favorite spooky or horror comics you’ve read lately? Let us know on Twitter!…

Through the Woods, Emily Carroll, A Lady's Hands, July 2014

“Don’t Linger in the Woods:” A Review of Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods

Through the Woods Emily Carroll Margaret K. McElderry Books July 2014 Through the Woods is series of graphic tales collected in a beautiful, textural book. Like Wytches it explores the mythology of the woods and the various stories connected with the woods. First of all, if you aren’t already following Emily Carroll’s website, then please…

A person rides a bus or train looking out the window at a pattern of reflections

Don’t Go Without Her: A Chat With Rosemary Valero-O’Connell

It’s been a big year Rosemary Valero-O’Connell. Following the release of last year’s Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me (written by Mariko Tamaki, published by First Second), her work has won three Ignatz awards, a Harvey award, has been nominated for a GLAAD award, and was most recently awarded a Printz Honor by the…

Hire These Folx: Nicole Goux

Hire This Woman was a long-running series of interviews at ComicsAlliance overseen by Janelle Asselin. We’re happy to announce that from here on out, with Asselin’s blessing, we’ll be taking over the “Hire This Woman” mantle. Using the questions from the original series we’ll be interviewing our favourite creators who identify as anything other than…

Wizard + Soft Pig, Rosie Brand, 2018

Rosie Brand’s Wizard + Soft Pig Get Bound Up in ShortBox

ShortBox is an expertly curated quarterly box of independent comics and art from international creators selected by Zainab Akhtar, a.k.a. Comics & Cola. ShortBox #7 includes Rosie Brand, a UK artist based in Los Angeles. She’s an illustrator, ceramicist, and comic artist, and she’s also currently an artist in residence at Project Art in LA….

Dungeon Critters #1, Natalie Riess, Sara Goetter

Webcomic Wonders: Natalie Riess

Curious about webcomics and where to start? Get insight from those on the ground floor. Now a significant focal point in terms of queer comics and readership, webcomics have flourished over the last few years as a diverse community. Curious about the creators’ perspectives, our intrepid reporter interviewed several at Flame Con 2017, Brooklyn’s annual…

IMMOLATION, Zachary Clemente, Arielle Soutar & Ricardo Lopez Ortiz

Carve Your Name in the Rockface: Arielle Soutar’s Art of Lettering

When I spoke to Zach Clemente about his Mountain cycle comics, he had plenty to say about his steady collaborator, Arielle Soutar. Clemente and Soutar have collaborated with a different cartoonist on each book, but she has provided the typography and logo work for all ClementeWorks scripts. And they’ve known each other since school! I wanted to…

Infinite Scroll Feature 1. Image from Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud.

Comics’ Infinite Scroll: To The Rim and Beyond

The launch of Stela, a new comics app which publishes titles optimized for the downward scrolling function of smartphones, has kicked up some talk about Scott McCloud’s Reinventing Comics. Published in 2000 as a sequel to Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics considers the kinds of innovations that McCloud believed would advance the medium. He paid particular attention to…