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Infinite Dark #1 (Top Cow Comics, October 2018)

By the Letters: An Interview with Troy Peteri

Letterers are some of the many unsung heroes that help shape the comics we love. Word and thought balloons, sound effects (SFX), and narrative boxes appear throughout the pages of each book, but readers tend to take those storytelling devices for granted, without realizing just how much of our reading experience those seemingly simple letters…

So About That Eisner Award

A moment after closing Graeme McMillan’s article in The Hollywood Reporter detailing the shadow cast by irregularities in this year’s Eisner Awards voting process, I received a notification that a new email had arrived. “Hi Wendy and gang,” it began, and proceeded to inform me of plans for tonight’s virtual Eisner Awards ceremony, culminating in…

blue green and yellow fireworks exploding

Best of WWAC 2019

Best of 2019 lists have been making their way around the internet, but as the year draws to a close, I asked WWAC contributors to take some time to think about themselves. Here, several of our writers talk about the pieces that they are most proud of, either because of what the subject matter means…

Coyotes by Sean Lewis and Caitlin Yarskey (Image Comics, April 2018)

Lettering Inspirations and Approach with Caitlin Yarsky

Caitlin Yarsky isn’t a comic book letterer by profession, but it was her lettering as much as her spectacular illustrations in Coyotes from Image Comics that caught my eye. In fact, her unique lettering style is what prompted my recent hyper focus on the art of comic book lettering in this “By the Letters” series. Typically,…