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PUBWATCH: BOOM! Studios, August 2018

Hey folks! If you’ve been regularly following this here BOOM! Pubwatch, you might notice things are a bit different, as we’ve secretly replaced your regular host, the fearless Claire “Jack ‘The Joker’ Napier” Napier, with, well, me. Archival footage of Claire leaving the BOOM! Pubwatch: Well, have no fear, because I’ve bowed down in front…

Might Morphin Power Rangers Year One Hardcover cover detail; BOOM! Studios 2017

BOOM! Studios Power Rangers: A Licensed Comic Done Right

Power Rangers has been having something of resurgence of late, and in our big superhero movie world they fit in rather nicely. The brand just had a semi-successful reboot movie and huge amounts of traction were gained from their game Legacy Wars and a near Internet breaking twitch stream. Power Rangers’ basic premise of weirdo…

BOOM! Studios Artist Submission Page: A Progress Report

Since early June, BOOM! Studios has maintained a Facebook page allowing open artist submissions. Pencilers, colorists, and inkers have presented their work for the comic publisher and fans alike to evaluate. This certainly isn’t the first or only opportunity for creators to directly show their work to publishers; portfolio reviews at conventions have been a…

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REVIEW: Breathing In With The Graphic Novel Juliet Takes A Breath

Originally published in January 2016, Gabby Rivera’s debut novel Juliet Takes a Breath was a comforting read that I read as a recently out queer Black person in 2016. Now, the novel has been adapted into a graphic novel by writer Gabby Rivera, illustrator Celia Moscote, colorist James Fenner, and letterer DC Hopkins. Published by…

The lumberjanes embrace in a line, facning the woods - all except for blond-haire dMolly, who looks over her shoulder back at the audience. The woods are aflame with autumn colors

WWAC’s Best Big Press Comics of 2020!

2020 was a turbulent year for the comics industry, with the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting publishing schedules and closing direct market shops (sometimes permanently). Despite this chaos, a slew of excellent comics were published this year, from fantastic first issues to well-earned (if heartbreaking) endings. Selected by our contributors and featuring heroes, humor, and horror, these…