Professor Julian Chambliss On the Communicative Potential of Comics in Academia

From our upcoming interview with Professor Chambliss: Comic books are complex cultural artifacts that facilitate analysis of social, political, and economic issues through the content on the page, the production process, and the creative environment. Comic narratives are historically grounded and the people creating them directly and indirectly reflecting the philosophy, views, and mindsets at the time they were created. Finding the narrative that crystalizes the complexity of that story is a great challenge. As a result, I find an article on comics that captures that complexity can penetrate to a wide audience. I sometimes get notes from students and everyday people saying, “Thank you for writing this essay.” You might remember Professor Chambliss from his TEDxOrlando talk on...

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From our upcoming interview with James McKay, of “Dreams of a Low Carbon Future”

Dreams of a Low Carbon Future is an educational graphic novel from the University of Leeds. About the possibility of a low carbon future, James McKay had this to say: “I personally think the crash is inevitable, and there are high-profile writers and scientists who believe it is going to happen very soon (problems related to peak oil in the immediate future, with climate change effects becoming more pronounced further down the line). Jeremy Leggett, a well-known campaigner on peak oil, believes there will be an economic crash in 2015, and even the oil companies, who are notorious for covering up problems, recognise that peak oil will happen at the latest by 2030, with ENORMOUS consequences for our lives, and especially for food...

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