Colorist on Color: The Introduction

Introducing the first of hopefully many articles on color. Our new columnist Marissa Louise is a colorist, but here she’s a color commentator. Why? She’ll tell you. I love black and white drawing. When it is well done it has exceptional life, keen reduction, and strong emotive qualities. But line isn’t all there is to art. Imagine the Mona Lisa without color. Or imagine a Mondrian without color. They would still be poetic in their reduction, but they’d miss an extra element of the visual narrative that is derived from color. Color takes a drawing from a guitar solo...

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How 2 MMO: Introduction

When my husband first invited me to step into my first massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG), I did so with great trepidation. I was a gamer, but at that time, I had never played an online game. And I had heard the stories. It’s one thing to learn the ropes in a solo game, but online, my newbie status would be judged, and surely I would be found wanting. Nowadays, online gaming concerns go much deeper, with various forms of prejudice and harassment becoming more and more prominent. Such complaints tend to involve the more competitive games....

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