We’re Recruiting!

Women Write About Comics is looking for a features editor and some book reviewers to join the team. Click through to find out...

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Reading in Downward Dog: The WWAC Help-You-Out Workout Resource

Reader, I’m planning something. Something to do with… …Sports and exercise. And comics. To limber you up, to stretch out our joints, I’m pinging you ahead of time with this gathering of themed workouts. Sometimes just “running” or “lifting” isn’t enough; sometimes you wanna run “from the werewolves” and “lift Mjolnir”. Well friends, I hear you. Working out is boring. Luckily all of these motivators and physical educators are aware of that and way ahead of us, ready to put on a show and tip us a wink! Let’s get stuck in–let’s take the highway to the Danger Room....

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Shorty Awards: Nominations Close Today!

Today’s your last chance to nominate someone for a Shorty Award. The Shorty’s honour the best in social media and nominations are open to you. So make sure to nominate your favs in gaming, podcasting, blogging, web shows, vblogging, journalism, Kickstarter, photobombing, and...

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