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Women In Refrigerators (5)

In our fifth and final roundup for Women In Refrigerators: 13 Years Later, our contributors are looking at life after WiR. Our Princess Is In Another Refrigerator, by Fuck Yeah Black Widow. The flipside of that is that people...

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Women In Refrigerators (4)

Two updates in one day, can it be true?  Well, yes. Defrosting the DCnU (or not), by Jess Plummer. You probably already know this too, but this past September, DC canceled their entire line of titles and (conditionally) rebooted...

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Women In Refrigerators (3)

A couple of posts for your lazy weekend delectation: Elisabeth Pfeiffer has posted the second part of her article on sexual violence against women in comics: I have created a list of women in comics who have been...

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ladies, we are live

Today marks the start of Women Write About Comics (Part The First). Throughout the week, participants will be posting their contributions on their blogs, tumblrs and journals. Track the tag #womenoncomics (both Twitter and...

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Still seeking inspiration?

Suffering from writer’s block? Not sure what you can contribute to the carnival? Options, you have them! To get your brain juices flowing, here are two very different response to Women In Refrigerators. First, a poem. the...

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