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What’s Hot? March 2014

We talk about comics–seriously, a lot–but sometimes we like to branch out and act keen about all SORTS of diverse pastimes. What are we up to? Catie Illustration by Eric Nyquist I just finished reading Jeff...

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What’s Hot? Feb 2014

WHAT’S HOT? What are your comic-loving, hard-writing, news-gathering WWAC team getting giddy about outside the world of comics? We share just what is our poison, this February. Ivy Noelle Mine is Veronica Mars. Yes,...

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What’s Hot? October!

What’s Hot? Our monthly feature telling you what we’re into, outside of what you usually see us talking up. Rounded personalities? Yeah, we have’em. But it’s October! All of our contributors are on the autumn-winter...

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What’s Hot? September 2013

What’s hot? Well listen– You might have picked up the hints, reader, but let me confirm – we, your contributing team, are women! Women writing about comics. We share this shocking fact in the hope that publicly...

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