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Image 25: Top Cow’s Matt Hawkins’ Full Trajectory

From some guy in a line to COO of a 25-year-old publishing imprint, Matt Hawkins saw the glory days of Image, and stayed around for the aftermath. There are plenty of interviews covering the Founding Fathers of Image’s early days as masters of their new domain. The twentieth anniversary  ...

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A New Destiny for Top Cow’s Genius

In 2008, Top Cow’s Pilot Season introduced us to Adam Freeman and Marc Bernardin’s Genius. Fueled by Afua Richardson’s artwork, it seemed we were getting a harsh look at life in South Central LA from the eyes of a 17-year-old girl orphaned by gang violence. But there was so  ...

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Comics, Critique, Diversity, Feminism, Geek Culture, Gender, Interviews, Opinion, Primer, Profile, Sexism, Sexuality

Lady Pendragon: What You Want to Know About Matt Hawkins’ Guinevere

Another in our series examining the women of Image Comics’ first decade — this time, Top Cow’s Lady Pendragon. “We all were sorta young and brash and thought [the heyday of Image] was gonna last forever, and… it didn’t. And so, the fall was kinda hard? And dealing with that  ...

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