• Green Hornet #2: Rise of a Fascinating New Hero

    Green Hornet #2: Rise of a Fascinating New Hero0

    Green Hornet #2 Amy Chu (Writer), German Erramouspe (Artist), Brittany Pezzillo (Colours), Tom Napolitano (Letters) Dynamite Comics 4 April, 2018 There is a new Green Hornet in Century City and she isn’t afraid to kick ass. Mulan Hayashi has taken over the mantle from Britt Reid Jr., now missing for over three weeks following a

  • Hasbro vs DC: Dawn of Litigation

    Hasbro vs DC: Dawn of Litigation0

    • September 16, 2017

    At the tail end of last month, news broke that Hasbro was taking DC Comics to court over DC’s marketing of toys featuring a character named Bumblebee. This Bumblebee is distinct from the friendly Autobot everyone’s familiar with–she’s a Teen Titan, and definitely not a robot–but Hasbro has still taken the stance that the name