Tag: Summer Movies ’12

Master Post: Summer Movie Mini Carnival

We hosted a mini carnival on this summer’s embarrassment of geek movie riches. Claire and Jess gave us their take on the Summer of Geek, and we organized a roundtable investigation into the State of Geek Cinema, with...

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Summer Movie Roundtable

Superheroes, Secret Agents and the Summer of the Geek at the Movies This was supposed to be the summer of the comic book blockbuster, and certainly Avengers, Dark Knight Rises and Amazing Spider-Man performed as expected. But...

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Summer Movie Wrap Up

Round Five: Summer Movie Wrap Up September 15-16 #wwacomics on Twitter and Tumblr Participating for the first time? Check out our FAQ. It’s time for another round of the Women Write About Comics blog carnival, and this...

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