• DC Pubwatch June

    DC Pubwatch June0

    Oh hey! A new look, a new schedule, and a lot less stress on your DC beat writer! We decided to move to a monthly column rather than weekly, and to only fully review a handful of books a month. The ten books I liked most, as well as the five books I liked least,

  • DC PUBWATCH: May 9, 2018 Releases

    DC PUBWATCH: May 9, 2018 Releases0

    Hey, its been awhile! So long in fact, that a name change was in order. DC has retired the Rebirth branding for now, switching over to DC Universe branding for their main line titles, so its time to retire the Rebirth brand here as well. Same great column, just a different name. This week we

  • 80 Years of Leaping Tall Buildings: Action Comics #1000

    80 Years of Leaping Tall Buildings: Action Comics #10000

    Action Comics #1000 Covers by Jim Lee and Scott Williams (Main), Steve Rude (1930s), Michael Cho (1940s), Dave Gibbons (1950s), Michael Allred (1960s), Jim Steranko (1970s), Joshua Middleton (1980s), Dan Jurgens (1990s), Lee Bermejo (2000s) DC Comics April 18, 2018 The issue eighty years in the making. Action Comics is the first mainstream comic to

  • DC PUBWATCH: the Solicitation Situation

    DC PUBWATCH: the Solicitation Situation0

    So, I’ve been behind on getting you guys Rebirth Roundups, and I apologize on that front. I’ll be coming back soon, with a slightly revised format, but for now I want to talk about all the big changes coming in June from DC Comics. Lots of titles are changing hands, and most for the better.

  • Rebirth Roundup: Dark Nights: Metal #1

    Rebirth Roundup: Dark Nights: Metal #10

    The Black Album. The Number of the Beast. British Steel. Ace of Spades. Back in Black. Every so often, there comes a piece of art that becomes so seminal it almost defines the artist. By first indication, Dark Knights: Metal will be that for the team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. While it is