• Oni Watch: Home For the Holidays

    Oni Watch: Home For the Holidays0

    The holiday season is well underway, and let me tell you, it really feels like we’ve been dragging our feet to 2018. Now, my family is as conservative as they come. (“Even though they’re Latinx, Azha, really?” Yes, really.) And I wouldn’t have made it through the eight-hour Thanksgiving Family Extravaganza without digging into a

  • Oni Watch: Onwards and Upwards!

    Oni Watch: Onwards and Upwards!0

    With Oni Press rounding its 20th year of existence, the past several months have been chock full of pretty exciting news as they expand their reach to wider markets. A lot has happened, so this pubwatch is going to be a little longer than usual. But hey, check out Oni Press’ brand new logo, designed

  • Oni Watch: Oni Press Gets Weird in the Best Way

    Oni Watch: Oni Press Gets Weird in the Best Way1

    Introducing Oni Watch: a regular column keeping the peepers on what’s happening on and off-page at Oni Press. Enjoy! —Ed So what kind of story are you feeling today? Something where some ex-criminal women break their friends out of prison? Or how about a 1920s noir involving snappily-dressed demons? No wait—a world where the Magic

  • Previously on Comics: Diversity Killed the Comic Star?

    Previously on Comics: Diversity Killed the Comic Star?0

    Hey WWACers! It’s the first day of Passover (I’m a Jew) which means I can’t eat bread for over a week, which means I’m cranky. I’d like to say I turned to comics to ease my mood, but those can make me pretty upset too, especially when they blame tanking sales on added diversity.