• The Importance of Libraries in Times of Crisis

    The Importance of Libraries in Times of Crisis1

    • November 25, 2014

    Last year, my area was hit by an ice storm that knocked out power to a huge swath of people — people of all ages, races, economic classes. It was out for days, during a cold snap (that “polar vortex” of lore) that meant temperatures dipped into the single digits, and even the negatives, every

  • 741.5: Liberté, Égalité, Brimping

    741.5: Liberté, Égalité, Brimping1

    After I purchased the first volume of Sex Criminals for my library, it was requested that I prepare a “letter of defense” in the event that it was challenged. Dear Library Patron or Trustee, Hello! I see that you disagree with my choice to purchase Sex Criminals Volume One : One Weird Trick by Matt

  • Kickstarter of the Week: Unshelved Goes Digital

    Kickstarter of the Week: Unshelved Goes Digital0

    Back in 2002, Unshelved appeared as a webcomic sharing the stories of a small public library. The 10 collections have never been made into e-books — which bring us to our Kickstarter of the Week. The Unshelved Goes Digital Kickstarter campaign aims to make all 12 years’ worth of webcomics into DRM-free e-books. The brainchild