• The FOLD Festival Adds Comics to the Mix

    The FOLD Festival Adds Comics to the Mix0

    The Festival of Literary Diversity’s goal is right there in the title. Its mandate is to celebrate and provide a platform for diverse voices in literature. But FOLD’s diversity goes a step beyond the people creating the literature, explained Karen Richardson, a member of the festival board and planning committee. It also showcases the diversity of

  • Small Press Bites: SPX Edition

    Small Press Bites: SPX Edition0

    Small Press Expo might have been last month, but that doesn’t mean the books our writers picked up won’t be just as good this month! Kayleigh, Rebecca, and Kat highlight some of their purchases from the convention — maybe you’ll find a zine or two for yourself, too! God Dammit Kyle MacLachlan Maureen Sullivan (Editor

  • Jillian Tamaki’s Sex Coven Is Back in Print: Go Buy It! [Review]

    Jillian Tamaki’s Sex Coven Is Back in Print: Go Buy It! [Review]0

    Frontier #7: Sex Coven Jillian Tamaki Youth In Decline April 2015 Late last year the Loser City crew invited me to participate in making a giant list of comics that don’t suck. I wrote several blurbs for their The 100 Best Comics of the First Half of the 2010s, including one on Jillian Tamaki’s Sex Coven.

  • #WWACComicClub Recap: This One Summer

    #WWACComicClub Recap: This One Summer0

    On the first Monday of every month we meet up on Twitter for the #WWACComicClub. Last week we discussed This One Summer by Mariko and Jillian Tamaki. The response to this comic was unanimous. Everyone loved this simple yet heartfelt coming-of-age story and agreed that Jillian Tamaki’s art was the perfect companion to Mariko Tamaki’s