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From Sexy to Sexual: Witchblade’s Return & Top Cow’s Maturing Eroticism

Back when I spoke to Matt Hawkins in March, we spent a little time talking about the sexual legacy of the first ten years or so of Top Cow. We also spoke a little about Witchblade–a title about a woman who carries a living weapon disguised as a bracelet–which is being resurrected in  ...

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Comics, Critique, Diversity, Geek Culture, Gender, Interviews, Masculinity, Primer, Profile, Racism, Sexism, Sexuality

Image 25: Top Cow’s Matt Hawkins’ Full Trajectory

From some guy in a line to COO of a 25-year-old publishing imprint, Matt Hawkins saw the glory days of Image, and stayed around for the aftermath. There are plenty of interviews covering the Founding Fathers of Image’s early days as masters of their new domain. The twentieth anniversary  ...

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That Bad Boy Image

Welcome to Image Boys Behaviour Graph or when this becomes an inevitable smash hit column IBBG. Where we celebrate 25 years of Image by making a very statistically accurate graph looking at what the boys are up to in this most momentous year in the history of the EXTREME bad boys of comics.  ...

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