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Comics and Games Club Diary

When I’m not reading or writing about comics, I work at a junior school in England as a teaching assistant. Several weeks ago, I started a Comics and Games Creation Club to give students a school-sanctioned chance to explore their geeky interests. As you can imagine, having a lot of nerdy kids  ...

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Looking for a few good writers!

Are you a regular Women Write About Comics reader who’d like to join in on the fun? A feminist (social) media geek who wants to expand her platform? A recent graduate who wants to flex her social media and writing muscles? Then you might be who we’re looking for.

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What is geek culture?

What we talk about when we talk about fake fangirls. Back in the day–the non-branded, power-to-the-people, halcyon days of geek culture–being a fan was being a geek, was being an outcast, was being a fan. Or so I’m told. Everyone who could be said to be participating in geek  ...

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