• Ghostbusters – Answer the Call #5: A Thrilling Finale0

    Ghostbusters – Answer the Call #5 Kelly Thompson (Writer), Corin Howell (Artist), Valentina Pinto (Colourist), Neil Uyetake (Letterer) IDW Publishing 9 May, 2018 The Ghostbusters’ Dr Jillian Holtzmann has an insane plan to beat the Schreckgespenst, a.k.a. “Schrecky,” the ghost terrorising New York City. It is the kind of plan that is so crazy that

  • Sword of Ages #4: Blood, Sweat, and Tears

    Sword of Ages #4: Blood, Sweat, and Tears0

    Sword of Ages #4 Gabriel Rodriguez (Writer and Artist), Lovern Kindzierski (Colours), Robbie Robbins (Letters) IDW Publishing 30 May 2018 Boss Ourgon stands on the edge of victory. He has defeated his arch rival, the benevolent and powerful White Monk ruler Lord Huss, as well as Huss’ son, Calen. But, before Ourgon can take control

  • Ninja-K #7: Getting the Team Together

    Ninja-K #7: Getting the Team Together0

    Ninja-K #7 Christos Gage (Writer), Juan José Ryp (Artist), Jordie Bellaire (Colours), A Larger World Studios (Letters) Valiant Entertainment 16 May, 2018 Colin King, aka Ninja-K, is wounded. His fight with his former backup agent, K-2, went badly and as a result, Mexico City has been obliterated. Now, the Mexican government has brought in their

  • Reinventing Arthurian Myths in Sword of Ages: An Interview with Gabriel Rodriguez

    Reinventing Arthurian Myths in Sword of Ages: An Interview with Gabriel Rodriguez0

    On a faraway world, Avalon, a young warrior, sets out to fulfil her destiny. Unbeknownst to her, there are dangers aplenty on her planet. Warring factions vie for power, ruthless in their efforts to gain control. Avalon knows little about her parents or where she is from. She was raised by tigers and trained by

  • Yoko Tsuno is a Heroine On the Edge

    Yoko Tsuno is a Heroine On the Edge2

    Yoko Tsuno: On the Edge of Life Roger Leloup (Writer and Artist) Cinebook August 16, 2007 There is something special about Franco-Belgian comics from the 1970s. The comics of Spirou Magazine, Tintin, and Pilote solidified the dominance of Franco-Belgian comics into the modern era. Large format, long-form narrative storytelling, complex characters, and clean, clear artistic

  • Shall We Say No to Moe?

    Shall We Say No to Moe?2

    “It seems that Ming has some issues with you,” my friend Yu told me. Hearing her words, I shrugged and said nonchalantly, “I don’t care about his opinion.” Yu stared me for a moment, “You are truly a tsundere.” She laughed, “I know you do care.” I was surprised, not because Yu misunderstood me and