• Con Diary: ID10T Was Just OK

    Con Diary: ID10T Was Just OK0

    On June 25th I attended Chris Hardwick’s first ever ID10T Music Festival and Comic Conival, a festival that combines indie rock, EDM, stand-up comedy, TV, and comics books all into one event. If that sounds like a lot, it’s because it kind of is. “I’ve done comedy at music festivals. I’ve done comedy at comedy

  • The Whirlwind of PAX East 2017

    The Whirlwind of PAX East 20170

    PAX East continues to be one of the largest annual conventions I attend. PAX East 2017  marked my fifth one. You might think it might get easier, but that cake is a lie. PAX East is so big with so much to see, it’s overwhelming every single year. This year, I decided to focus on

  • Finding My Place at Flame Con

    Finding My Place at Flame Con1

    “There’s this one balloon where someone says ‘Can anyone hear me?’ And there’s a reply shot of [Supergirl] saying, ‘I can,’” Steve Orlando describes to me a pivotal page in Supergirl: Rebirth #1, which came out earlier in the week. It’s Sunday afternoon, and we’re holding an interview in a quiet hallway outside of the