• Previously On Comics: Hits and Misses

    Previously On Comics: Hits and Misses0

    Comics news was like a fireworks show this week: Right around the time your vision cleared from the first whizbang, a new tidbit popped up to distract you. Another jailed artist gained his freedom, DC dropped some big announcements, Marvel tried to keep up, Dark Horse attempted to hide its anti-LGBT policies behind a digital

  • Regarding Brandon Graham

    Regarding Brandon Graham0

    Recently, comics creator Carta Monir leveled the accusation that Brandon Graham, creator of King City and editor of Image’s recent anthology series Island, is what’s known to the community as a “chaser,” specifically of trans women. The term is typically one leveled at individuals who pursue other people, not because of a genuine attraction to that individual, but

  • Previously on Comics: Living in a Hellscape

    Previously on Comics: Living in a Hellscape0

    Seems like every time I sit down to write one of these, I gotta lead with people in positions of power in the comics industry using that power to punch down. We start the week off with Action Lab. Sorry, Action Lab Danger Zone, because the first thing that both bearers of the Action Lab name

  • Yorris: Being Two People At Once

    Yorris: Being Two People At Once0

    8house #4:Yorris, Part 1 Fil Barlow & Helen Maier Image Comics November 2015 I need to write this review in two different voices. I need to write it with two different hands for two different audiences. That’d be a trick, a real coup. It might accomplish my goal, which is to get you to listen