Series: YA? Y Not?

YA? Y Not?! Banned Books Week

Welcome to the wonderful world of YA? Y not?! a new column about Young Adult librarianship. I am a YA librarian in a Boston suburb where I do programming, collection development, and staff a room with computers and hang out space for teens in grades 6-12. On any given day, my job can include buying books, recommending them, running a Doctor Who fan club, fangirling about the upcoming slate of MCU movies, or watching YouTube videos about farts. It’s amazing. So, I’m thrilled to kick off this column and talk about libraries, teens, and more. Today I’m going to...

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YA? Y Not?! My New Years Resolutions for YA

It’s the time of year when many people are making New Years Resolutions. For myself, I like to give myself hopes and goals for the year because as soon as I call something a “resolution” it tends to never happen. Instead of sharing my personal resolutions-that-are-really-hopes, I thought I’d make some for Young Adult literature. I think YA literature needs some goals to strive for in 2016. 2015 gave us some great books but I think there’s a lot to improve upon. While I am a realist in many ways, allow me to indulge my idealistic side and truly...

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Super Sad Depressing YA Books: How They Help Me To Feel

“What super depressing tragedy are you reading about now?” That’s what my fiance said to me the other night as I pulled out my book to read before bed. “The sinking of the Lusitania,” I replied. “Of course. That sounds awful.” I like sad books. I almost always have. Friends ask me for book recommendations frequently, because they know that I love to read and that I am a librarian. They usually also indicate whether or not they want a massively depressing book, because they know if they don’t, they probably will get one anyway. In a way, sad...

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