Series: Sequential Sartorial

Sequential Sartorial: The Wardrobe of Colleen Wing

Sequential Sartorial! It’s gonna be a new thing! Talking about costume design in comics: GOOD costume design. This week: Colleen Wing, 2006. First things first: does anybody want my copy of Daughters of the Dragon, trade number one (“Samurai Bullets”)? Pay the postage and it’s yours. I don’t need it in my house; it’s a relic of a kind of Marvel comic I’m just not bothered with forgiving any more. Bored, bored, boring. The minute Marvel gives a character a breast size different to “comic book breasts,” someone has to mention it — it’s not about fairness, it’s about...

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Sequential Sartorial: Why Does Fashion Matter In Comics?

Costuming is important in art. Clothing is more immediately communicative than body language, and art communicates. For example, Lana Del Rey’s video for her 2012 release “National Anthem.” It’s all Jackie & JFK pastiche. Towards the very end, there’s that last ride recreated, and Jackie/Lana has on the pink suit. WRONG. She wears goldenrod. Her hat doesn’t even match. This, reader, is brilliant. It’s brilliant because when Quantum Leap season five opens with an episode about the Kennedy assassination, and time-travelling protagonist Sam approaches Mrs. Kennedy in the hospital after having guaranteed her survival, I laughed. Because she looks ridiculous....

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Sequential Sartorial + Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai: Nakahara Aya’s Please Love Useless Me

If you loved Bitch Planet for reasons that seem obvious but also, more deeply, for reasons you’re not quite sure of, I have a mission for you. I want you to go to a manga scanlation site (Mangahere, Mangafox, MangaReader…) and type “josei” in the search box. Then, follow your nose to the art you like best. Read right to left. Josei manga means “woman manga,” i.e. manga for ladies, like shonen, shoujo, and seinen manga are targeted at and made for boys, girls, and young men. It’s perfectly common–in fact you would reasonably expect–for a josei title to be created...

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Sequential Sartorial: Superhero Beat! Off the Rack, On the Highstreet

A lot of the recent conversations surrounding what could be considered fashion in comics has been in reference to superhero uniforms. Now, we know that everyone’s new uniforms are rad. But what’s even radder is that some of the components that make up these costumes, as well as our favourite heroes’ civilian clothes, are based on things we can actually buy. In shops! That’s right kids, super heroes shop the high street too. While obvious examples of off the rack fashions within comics are still relatively few and far between, there seems to be something of a lean towards...

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Sequential Sartorial: Worst to Best Harley Quinn Outfits (DC Comics)

Harley Quinn has gone through a bit of an identity crisis throughout her years in DC. Since her animated debut, Harley has gone from the sidekick and girlfriend of Joker to her own full-on character, ranging from animated series to comics, video games, and a guest spot in the TV series Arrow–and now she’s on the big screen in Suicide Squad. With her transition from supporting cast member into a full character, I’ve come to the realization that Harley Quinn’s outfits have changed more and more in the past couple of years than anyone else. Even Poison Ivy keeps the...

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