Series: My Scariest Movie

Scariest Movie of My Life: Poltergeist 2

When I was a kid I stayed up late one night and watched Poltergeist with my older brothers. I was only twelve, and that isn’t exactly a kid’s movie, but it wasn’t scary at all with those two cracking jokes every millisecond. I thought it was a cool movie and bragged at school about how I watched Poltergeist and wasn’t spooked. Not even a little. A few weeks later a friend of mine was having a slumber party and rented Poltergeist 2 based on my recommendation. That movie scared the living shit out of me. I assume slumber parties...

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Scariest Movie of My Life: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The movie—or movie series—that has scared me for the longest and with the greatest intensity is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. The original (which is technically titled The Texas Chain Saw Massacre) came out before I was born and has loomed in the shadows my whole life. Growing up in Texas, it was impossible not to at least know that the movie existed. In its opening narration, the movie claims it is based on a true story, and people took that statement at face value. My husband moved to Huntsville, Texas, when he was eleven. Our state prison is...

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The Scariest Movie of My Life: Ringu

“It can’t be that scary,” I told myself as I slid the DVD into my beat-up player and turned on the TV. I was 14, we’d just moved to a new country, and with the school year still a few days from officially starting, I was desperate for something to do that didn’t involve unpacking boxes. And besides, the cover of the DVD didn’t even feature any ghosts, just a strange-looking red circle. What even was Ringu (The Ring)? Half an hour later, I had practically plastered myself against the wall as far from the TV as I could...

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Scariest Movie of My Life: Uzumaki

I love me some horror movies. At parties or family gatherings, start talking to me about the latest rom-com and you will see my eyes glaze over. But mention the latest slasher flick, and I will immediately jump to attention. I will also be the first to admit that I don’t have the highest standards in scary movies, which resulted in the painful viewing of such gems like Death Bed: The Bed That Eats and Curse of the Queerwolf. Hell, I watched Rubber, which is a scary movie about a freaking tire (actually, parts of it are good once you get past...

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Scariest Movie of My Life: Event Horizon

I will be the very first to admit that when it comes to slowly building tension, dimly-lit hallways, and ominous music rooted in an ever-increasing progression of minor chords, I am a wimp. I don’t like scary movies, and never have. As a child, I was so terrified by my older sister’s description of The Shining that I had nightmares for a week straight. From the description. I have never seen The Shining. I also had nightmares about that scene in The Little Mermaid where Ursula gets huge and then is violently skewered by the jagged prow of a...

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