Series: My First Game

GIFS: My First Game: Granny’s Garden

Wanna play a spooky game? Get yourself a glass of something fine. Get a blanket. Draw your chair up close to the computer screen. If you’re brave, you can turn off the light. Also, you need to become six years old. Can you do that? In your mind? When I was wee, my mother, an ex-programmer, brought me to the big beige monitor and got an enormous, thin square with a circle on it out of a locked, half-transparent filing pod. She fed it into a large chunk of plastic and I played, for the first time, Granny’s Garden....

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My First Game: Hangin’ Out at the Treehouse

In the first grade, I set out with the ambitious goal to write my first novel. My mother would pick me up from school and take me back to work with her at the family business where I would make my way to the office, sit down at the desk, and start up the computer: This was the early 90s, and MS-DOS was the reigning operating system for Microsoft PCs. The graphical user interface (GUI) of the Windows operating systems we know now would not come into more common use until the mid 90s. I never thought I would...

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My First (PC) Game: Torin’s Passage

My grandmother was an engineer for Southern Bell (a predecessor of Bellsouth/ATT). My mother worked as a Help Desk operator for IBM for several years. So, I come by a love of computers honestly. However, for the first few years of my gaming life I only operated on a SNES, the controller like an extension of my short, chubby fingers. Watching certain children now I can believe that I was a better gamer when I was small. The reflexes are faster, the mind willing to consider so many possibilities in solving puzzles, the determination like some terrible fixation. Even...

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My First Game: Tetris

I was handed a Game Boy, grey and bulky with purple buttons and big enough to be classified as some sort of bludgeoning tool or weapon nowadays. I’d probably need a briefcase just to carry the thing around. However it was the first of many hand-me-downs from my older siblings, and one I didn’t let go of for quite some time. They gave me a few games as well, but the first one I ever pressed the Start button for, was Tetris. We all know Tetris, everyone has played it at least once in some fashion or another, everyone...

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My First Game: Link’s Awakening

I called Link Zelda the first time I played the game. I had a Game Boy Color, I had a new game, and I didn’t real the manual. Even though I was an avid reader, I had no time for manuals, especially when I knew a whole world was about to open up to me, locked inside a chunky transparent box a little bigger than my eight-year-old hands. I had bought a Game Boy for Pokémon, but the first game I remember, the first game to vividly imprint itself on my psyche, was The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening....

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