Series: LSCC 2014

WWAC is going to London!

On March 15 and 16, I’ll be attending London Super Comic Con (LSCC) as press for Women Write About Comics. Although LSCC only started in 2012, the first convention featured Stan Lee and George Perez as special guests, and its general guest lists have featured other big names, such as Bill Sienkiewicz, Kieron Gillen, and John Wagner. In advance of this year’s convention, I asked the organizers about how LSCC got started, its development from 2012 to now, and what this year’s convention will look like: How did London Super Comic Con come about? The organizers are, first and...

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Interview with John Layman of Chew

One of the perks of going as press to London Super Comic Con is having the opportunity to interview John Layman, who is a guest and panel host at LSCC this year.  Although Layman has written for DC and Marvel Comics and served as an editor at Wildstorm, he is probably best known for authoring the critically acclaimed series Chew for Image Comics. I asked him about diversity in comics, his writing process, and where he gets all those food puns from: How did the idea for Chew come about? JL: Honestly, I have no idea, and I kinda...

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London Super Comic Con Interview: Yanick Paquette

The London Super Comic Con guest interviews continue with artist Yanick Paquette. Originally from Quebec, he has been working in US-published comics since 1994. His past projects include the New 52 Swamp Thing and Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer. He is currently working on the much-hyped graphic novel Wonder Woman: The Trial of Diana Prince, authored by Grant Morrison. How does it feel to work on such an iconic character as Wonder Woman? I have in fact already worked on Wonder Woman in my early days. She was my first monthly, and at that time the goal was to survive the...

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London Super Comic Con: Day 1 Diary

London Super Comic Con: Day 1 Diary–The Rundown Panels: We are BOOM!, IDW Invades! Signings: Kieron Gillen, Si Spurrier, Al Ewing, Lee Garbett Geek wear: Judge Dredd cardigan (custom order) Free stuff: Preview comic of Disenchanted, by Si Spurrier and German Erramouspe   I arrive at the Excel Centre feeling more tired than I should. This morning I woke up terribly early and couldn’t go back to sleep, mostly because I’m really nervous. This is a lot of firsts all at once: my first UK convention, my first time attending anything as press, my first official bit of on-site comics-related reportage, and—most dauntingly—my first in-person interviews with...

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London Super Comic Con: Day 2 Diary

 London Super Comic Con: Day 2 Diary – The Rundown Panels: The Return of Miracleman (Marvelman), Avatar Press and Max Brooks: Uncut, Creativity in Comics. Geek wear: Batman top from Junk Food, Batman shoes from Converse, Spider sweater. Free stuff: Limited edition Chew print, signed by Rob Guillory.   “I AM SO SLEEPY,” my notes say, and I am. All the free tea in my hotel room is apparently not enough to stave off the exhaustion from yesterday. I’ve had a late start, but I’m still trying to wake myself up when I arrive at the Excel Centre. Today is solely devoted to panels and interviews, partially because I spent all my money yesterday and partially because panels and interviews mean that I can sit down. I’ll be interviewing Al Ewing and Lee Garbett at 4 PM, and then Kieron Gillen after that. My first panel of the day is The Return of Miracleman/Marvelman, featuring all three artists from Miracleman’s Warrior run: Mark Buckingham, Garry Leach, and Alan Davis. (For ease of reference, I’ll be calling the character Miracleman from this point forward.) When I first arrive, it looks like I’m the only woman in the room. As the panel goes on, a few more women do trickle in, but there’s a distinctly blokey feel—there’s no other word for it—to the proceedings. I don’t mean that I feel excluded. However,...

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