Series: Image25: Bad Girls Good

ALL GROWN UP: Image’s Bad Girls at 25

Image Comics was founded 25 years ago—you may have noticed all the commemorative parties they’ve been having. It was a shot in the arm to the American comic book industry, a nice load of amphetamine that got everyone buzzing and yelling and focused and horny. The young, male pioneers at Image’s founding gave a huge push to the “women in comics” aesthetic that’s dogged us in various guises since. It’s in the bodies, their arrangement, and that uninterrupted gradient colouring. Michael Turner’s rendition of Ballistic A woman, by Marc Silvestri Avengelyne & Glory, by the man of the moment, Rob L...

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Wildcats, Superheroes and the True Female Power Fantasy

When Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster invented Superman in 1938, they created a new kind of power fantasy. Yes, Superman stood for the oppressed and downtrodden, but what excited readers most was his ability to do what normal people could not. His super strength and endurance, his ability to leap from place to place (his flying ability not yet invented), and–most importantly to Siegel, whose father died during a robbery–an imperviousness to bullets. But it wasn’t just what the original Superman could do that mattered. What mattered was what he got away with. He had an attitude, never missing...

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Review: The Wild Storm #1

The Wild Storm #1 Warren Ellis (Writer), Jon Davis-Hunt (Art), Ivan Plascencia (Colorist) WildStorm (a DC Comics imprint) February 15th, 2017 Disclaimer: This article was written based off a review copy provided by DC Comics. Reading Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt’s The Wild Storm #1 is like taking the first bite of a strategically cooked gourmet meal. It’s pleasant initially, although maybe a little faint, and then it hits the back of your palette and unfurls all of its nuanced flavor. What makes this particularly funny is that The Wild Storm #1 marks the beginning of the relaunch of Jim...

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Crime and Patience: Witchblade Animated

Witchblade Animated was never an animated product. It was, as were many things from the Image founders’ personal studios and the American comic book industry of the later ’90s in general, a cypher, a simulacrum of a possibility or alternate reality. “Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a Witchblade cartoon (eventually there was) just like that one Batman cartoon (it wasn’t)? Imagine how neat that would be!” Unlike Todd McFarlane, a full owner willing and able to sink dollars into a fully multimedia Spawn empire, Witchblade co-creators Marc Silvestri, David Wohl, Brian Haberlin and Michael Turner used a...

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The Glory of Sophie Campbell

Heads you lop, tails you lose The half “Amazonian,” half demon Gloriana Demeter has gone through a few transformations since her first appeared in Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood Strikefile #1 in 1993. She garnered a solo series written by Mary Jo Duffy and drawn largely by Mike Deodato and J. Morrigan, which ran from 1996 to 1997. Glory was a fierce warrior and fought alongside other Liefeld characters against  the forces of evil — including her father. Her look, however, often belied her strong principles, and despite being an alien, she looked like an extremely leggy human woman in a tight swimsuit, with a...

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