Series: Date Night With WWAC

A Slice of Apple Pie: Date Night With WWAC

Maybe there’s a universe somewhere, let’s call it Earth-1127, where I’m myself but somehow single. If Loki fell into that universe in his Agent of Asgard incarnation, he would be my dream Valentine’s date. He could cook me a nice dinner and then [imagine a sexy fanfic, but with good grammar and spelling]. But if a comic book character crossed over into THIS universe just in time for Valentine’s Day, I’d like it to be Steve Rogers. I’ve been happily married for 12 years and am not looking for outside romance, but we rarely do anything for Valentine’s Day...

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Valentine Vigilante: Date Night With WWAC

Just like the prologue in Romeo and Juliet, I will state from the beginning that the relationship between myself and Batman is a doomed love. He’s a rich Gothamite and I’m a Torontonian who isn’t rich. Long distance may work in some rare cases, but given that Batman is super intense and serious about his mission against crime, I doubt my distance will be an incentive to drop everything, hop on a private jet, and woo me. I’m cool with that. One date with the Dark Knight would be a wonderful, Hey-I-Did-This-Thing experience I’d tell my future kids. For...

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Playing At Love By Starlight: Date Night With WWAC

Should Chiba Mamoru (aka Tuxedo Mask) ever find himself in Toronto, I would definitely be selfless enough to take him round the city for a fun night. We’d start with Trivia Night at the Drake Hotel–the quiz would be a fun icebreaker for both of us quiet introverts. We’re also both of us voracious readers, so we could play off each other to answer all the questions and win first place. Next up: a relaxed stroll east to Campagnolo on Dundas and Bathurst for dinner. I love Italian food, and the atmosphere there is lively enough to keep the...

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Hey Jude: Date Night With WWAC

It never seemed strange to me to have crushes on fictional people. After all, I would argue that the majority of people who fall in love are only falling in love with their idea of the other person anyway. Leaving behind my cynical views on relationships, I know that Osaki Nana and I were meant for each other. At least, I knew that when I was a pimply, mouth-breathing, greasy-haired preteen, so it still rings slightly true now. First, imagine me drawn as a manga character. That helps with the believability of this situation. Next, I’ve suddenly learned fluent...

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Double Trouble, Gotham via Riverdale: Date Night With WWAC

I’m at the fanciest Italian restaurant in Riverdale (weirdly, I can also order lobster here). Across the table is my Valentine’s date—high school heartthrob and continual teenage crush Jason Blossom. No, wait. It’s no heartthrob at all, it’s everyman Archie Andrews, looking extra freckled and earnest in the kind glow of the candlelight. I say, “Are you sure you don’t want to just split an appetizer?” “Order the lobster!” he says, a little wildly. “I can pay for any of it!” I realize he has probably sold his car to pay for this date. Just then, a light on...

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