Series: Colour Commentator

Colorist on Color: The Introduction

Introducing the first of hopefully many articles on color. Our new columnist Marissa Louise is a colorist, but here she’s a color commentator. Why? She’ll tell you. I love black and white drawing. When it is well done it has exceptional life, keen reduction, and strong emotive qualities. But line isn’t all there is to art. Imagine the Mona Lisa without color. Or imagine a Mondrian without color. They would still be poetic in their reduction, but they’d miss an extra element of the visual narrative that is derived from color. Color takes a drawing from a guitar solo...

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Colorist on Color: Interview with Jeremy Colwell

I am happy to share this interview with Jeremy Colwell as our first of many colourist conversations! Jeremy is a colorist for DC, IDW, Image and Dark Horse. In this interview we discuss a little about color, a little about his history and a lot about his love of his family. Since this was our first interview, conducted around holidays and deadlines, it’s a little light. Be sure to holler at me if you have some questions for colorists! You can follow Jeremy on Twitter: @Jeremy_Colwell ML: You’ve done a wide variety of work. What do you think has...

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Colorist on Coloring: What Is a Flatter?

Hey there, have you been wondering just what the heck a flatter does? Well I am going to give you another long serious professional dissection of what a flatter does and why it is important. To further prove that I am a very boring person obsessed with minutia. [You’re very interesting actually — Ed.] A flatter is a technician. First and foremost a flatters job is to create precise, accurate, abutting selections. When comics are printed the colors are separated into four plates. CMYK. These plates will often shift a small amount, because they are attached to enormous machines...

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Colorist on Color: Interview with Megan Wilson

Hello, and welcome to another interview! This time I had the pleasure to chat with Megan Wilson. You know her work from Hellcat, Then Emily Was Gone, and lots of covers with Nick Pitarra. She’s a real kick in the boot. You can follow her on Twitter @MeganEngiNerd or peep her great Instagram. You use a wonderful variety of greens. How do you think about green? How do you create enough contrast in your greens? How do you develop your greens for your palettes? What draws you to green? Thank you! Do I use an abnormal amount of green?! Greens...

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Colorists on Color: Interview with Kelly Fitzpatrick

Kelly Fitzpatrick has done work for quite an extensive list of books in the three years she has been coloring. She is currently known for her work on Snowfall, Peter Panzerfaust, and Bitch Planet. You can find her work here, and follow her on twitter here. Can you talk to us a little about your education as an illustrator? Why did you choose illustration? What drew you to your school?  I applied to 3 art schools and got into all 3: Ringling, SVA, and SCAD. I chose Ringling for a couple of reasons. SCAD and Ringling both offered me scholarships...

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