Series: Buffy Challenge

I’m Taking The Buffy Challenge

All the seasons of BtVS–TV & Comics–in 2 weeks. Can I do it? I dunno. But I’m trying because … if not my Kickstarter might drive me crazy. So here it is, my first recap. (SPOILER FREE!) Season One Character Arc: From Girl Fitting in, to Outcast Principal: Bob Flutie Ep 1-6 <dead>, R. Snyder Ep 9-  survives the season! Has a very “Twilight Zone” feel except with Buffy stepping in to fix things when they go wonky. The major arc is sorta a weak story. Most of the episodes are devoted to WACKY DANGER O’ THE WEEK. Which is fun!...

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Buffy Challenge Season 2

Season 2 Character Arc: Slayer in Love to Slayer Betrayed Principal: Snyder (not seen much) Much more plot driven. Fewer Monster of the week episodes that help the plot breathe without feeling like we’ve forgotten it. Watch for: Drusilla, amazing bad background dancing at the Bronze, a young Wentworth Miller, Jenny Calendar, Oz & Willow Watch out for: G*psy references, Xander’s reaction to someone coming out, threatened gang rape Best Episode Innocence (deep serious stuff! PLOT THINGS! WHOA!) Worst Episode Ted ( SO MUCH...

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Buffy Challenge Season 3

Season 3 Character Arc: Gone Girl to White Knightress Principal: Snyder This is where the plot actually start to gel. Characters start to make choices based on who they are. Things really start moving! This doesn’t mean I LIKE everything that happens. IN FACT I AM QUITE GRUMPY about certain things. *grump* #TeamOz Watch for: Counselor SMOKING in his office. David Boreanaz shirtless Tai Chi, Badass Willow and Xander, a BLATANT rip off of Blade. Watch out for: Beer Causes Rape posters. Best Episode: The Prom: (cuz ALL THE FEELS); The Zeppo: (very out of formula. Lots of fun)....

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Buffy Challenge: Season 4

Season 4 Character Arc: Fish out of Water to Rebel with a Cause Setting: UC Sunnydale Plotwise the beginning of the season isn’t my fave. On one hand college! And Spike! On the other hand Riley never really did it for me. Yeah, I’m not really for the AW SHUCKS, MA’AM types. At least not when it’s all caps as shucksness. He’s just too precious. Especially when contrasted with “big ucky MENZ want SEX!” By the end of the season we are back to the well crafted, driving story that makes Buffy fun to watch… Watch for: Xander/Harmony slapfight,...

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Buffy Challenge Season 5

Season 5 Character Arc: Stand Alone Sister to Sacrifice This season is almost all plot and very little monster o’ the week. Basically if you aren’t completely sucked in by the Glory/Spike/family issues story-lines, Buffy isn’t for you anymore, because there aren’t any haunted houses or spooky children to get by on. But you should be sucked in. CUZ REASONS! Watch For: Amy Adams appearance. Willow/ Tara makeouts ALL THE FEELS. GET YOUR HANKIES! Watch Out For: Loads of questionable “ARE YOU SURE YOU DIDN’T LEAD HIM ON”s? that are so ick. Best Episode: The Body. Literally if you can...

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